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Liam Gallagher liked his shoes and Thom Yorke told him which composter to buy.


Elton john buys his portraits and Simon le Bon has asked him which shirt he should wear.


He has toured with Throbbing Gristle and had tea with Tony Benn.

He liked his portrait of Boris Johnson but has now buried it in his back garden.

John Lydon used his photograph for his recent autobiography and he co-founded Comes with a Smile music magazine all those years ago.


Recently he has been touring The X-ray Audio Project and live show (with long term collaborator Stephen Coates) worldwide, including shows at Garage Contemporary Arts in Moscow, Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art, New Hollandia in St Petersburg and Ba-Tsu Gallery Tokyo.

He has cut a live record (sic) with Thurston Moore and photographed Daniel Millers wedding.


He has a degree in graphic design but is actually a Photographer.


He lives in Findhorn, Scotland with wife Ali and daughter Scout.


He likes making things.

Photo: Alix Merry

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